After years of battling with her weight and yo-yo dieting, Sara Bouamra decided to take decisive action regarding her obesity in 2009, after seeing her late father suffer a stroke. In the knowledge that her excessive weight was down to stress, depression and gluttony, Sara tried every diet in the book, from cabbage soup to meal replacements, yet none proved to be effective.

At a loose end, she saw her GP, who referred her to an NHS dietician who subsequently recommended gastric surgery. After being put on a strict low-calorie diet which helped her to lose 5KG, she was then turned away from surgery at the behest that she regain the weight in order to be considered.

Deciding this was not an option, Sara instead opted to find a private surgeon and proceeded to have gastric bypass surgery. This led to her losing eight stone – and eight dress sizes to boot. Today, she says she has never been happier, healthier or more confident.

This journey is what brought Sara to Secret Surgery, where she became a Regional Consultant for the North of the UK in 2011. Today, Sara helps women and men across the region learn more about weight loss and cosmetic procedures abroad via her support group.

Sara says “Feel free to get in touch…. I’ve probably walked a similar mile to you and am extremely empathetic”

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