Angela Matthews kindly tells us all about herself and what led her to work with Secret Surgery – and hopefully, some of you will get to meet her one day!

“I’m a 36 year-old qualified nurse working for the NHS – you’d think I’d know about the dangers of obesity, but that’s one area of my life that I failed on miserably. I was always overweight as a child, and I first joined Weight Watchers at the age of 17. When I left home at 19, my weight spiralled out of control.”

“I weighed 20 stone by the time I married my husband in 1998. We were both as bad for each other in terms of dieting. We always had good intentions to lose weight, but a mixture of shift work and contentment within our relationship led to a bad pattern of eating, late night takeaway food and skipping meals due to pure tiredness from our busy working lives.”

“We both piled on the weight. Rob went up to 23 stone, which was morbidly obese for his height, and I ballooned to a massive 29 stone 5. I was SUPER morbidly obese, and suffering from a whole host of problems. I developed sleep apnoea as a result of my weight, and I knew that my life span was limited. I made the decision to apply for NHS-funded Gastric Bypass surgery and was eventually accepted and taken in to theatre on June 20th 2009. I see this as my new birthday! It was life-changing in every way imaginable; less than a year later, Rob went under the knife too.”

“We lead totally different lives now, since our surgeries, and could never imagine being the unhealthy people we once were. I am so grateful to the NHS for giving us our lives back, and I genuinely think I would not be here today if I hadn’t had that chance given to me.”

“I’ve also gone on to have a major lower body lift, following the huge amounts of excess skin that the weight loss left me with. I can do things now that I would have never had the confidence to do before my weight loss… I’m finally enjoying life, and not just existing. I would recommend weight loss surgery to anyone who feels that they are trapped in the cycle of obesity.”

“I want people to feel free to add me or ask me questions. I run my own support group, Weight Loss Surgery Friends, which supports people emotionally that are going through this journey, or supporting someone else that is.”

We’re so happy to welcome Angela to Secret Surgery, who is now a part of our aftercare team in Birmingham and the Midlands!

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