Concerned about foreign facilities? You needn’t be. Our Partner Private Hospital and Outpatient Clinic In Wroclaw in Wroclaw has won first place 2 years in a row in the ranking of Polish private hospitals.

Built in 2001, the hospital’s modern architecture, cutting-edge equipment and enforcement of international standards have allowed it to achieve the internationally-renowned ISO 9001-2000 Global Certificate. No, not the crumbling shack many cynics conjure in their mind’s eye when the words ‘foreign’ and ‘surgery’ are twinned. Let me tell you a little bit more about our facilities.

At Secret Surgery we offer a broad range of services, including plastic surgery operations, beautifying surgical operations and surgical procedures including, among others:

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic dentistry

Hip replacement by (with/without cement) endoprothesis

Hip resurfacing (modern orthopaedic procedure to correct femur damage)

Knee replacement

Laparoscopic surgery

Capsule endoscopy

Treatment of hernias

Anorectal diseases

If you are considering dental implants you are also offered a total health check-up consisting of:

laboratory tests diagnostics:



endoscopic gastrointestinal diagnostics

specialists consultations


All the procedures are done in one day within approximately 8 hours. At the end the patient meets with a doctor to discuss results and get indications how to manage with health for the future.

As part of our packages the Clinic provides the following services:

surgical or minor surgical treatment

surgical anaesthesia

a stay in a comfortable room (business class)

Internet access and satellite and plasma televisions

the option of ordering meals from a restaurant menu

Our Clinic aims at providing Our Patients with the following:

Sense of safety

Respect and individual approach

Experienced doctors (we also employ foreign specialists and professors)

Quality of services and medical equipment at the world-class level

Modern, minimally invasive methods of diagnostics and treatment

Full information on the methods and course of treatment

Comfortable conditions of patients’ stay in our hospitals (single and double rooms, furniture arranged comfortably as separate bathroom,

telephone, TV, Internet access).

English speaking staff

The hospital has been granted:

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

Clinic in Wroclaw, was the first hospital in Poland to be granted ISO 9001:2000 Global Certificate. The certificate confirms proper implementation of the quality management system in the field of multiprofile hospital and ambulatory services. The system is constantly monitored by both internal auditors and specialists from external certification company (Dekra).

European Quality Award – Dekra Award – Prize in the international competition

Certificate of granting the title of “a company listed at the Stock Exchange”

The certificate, issued by the Management of the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

For further information please email us on [email protected] or Call 0843 289 4 982.

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